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PlanNet Marketing's Top 10 Income Earners

Updated: Jan 9

1. Shedrick White

"I have been in the industry for two decades.  Along the way,  I have faced so many setbacks, hardships, obstacles, and adversity, early on in my career, I even

considered quitting. Receiving the PlanNet Marketing Presidential Double

Diamond ring made all challenges and adversity worth it!

The Presidential ring means so much because of the sacrifices, determination, consistency, and hard work.  Nothing great has ever been achieved alone. I have to thank the

PlanNet Marketing corporate family, my coach and mentor, Donald Bradley, 

all my sideline partners, and my amazing team who dared to believe, as without them,

this would not be possible. The Presidential ring on my hand daily reminds me of how

many more lives have to be positively impacted and changed."

2. Orlanda Moore

"I am truly honored and humbled to have qualified for and have received

PlanNet Marketing's Presidential Diamond Ring.  It has positively impacted my life

in numerous ways.  It has allowed me to become financially independent.  It has

afforded me the ability to secure my children's financial future, as well.  

During my military career, I always stated that I never measure my success by the things

I do, but rather how successful can I help my Soldiers to become.  It's the same mindset

and leadership philosophy I have here in PlanNet Marketing.  Qualifying for the Presidential Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond rings was life changing for my family.  What's most rewarding for me is having helped others who personally partnered with me earn the Presidential Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond rings, as well.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help

others experience true freedom through this vehicle and powerful business model,

PlanNet Marketing.  I simply serve as evidence of what's possible when you dare to

believe and are fully committed to helping others achieve their goals here in

PlanNet Marketing.  Don't let criticism hinder your success."

3. Natalie Graham

“Wow! I remember sitting down and cutting out a picture of a Rolex from a magazine

for my vision board just a few months ago. That vision is now my’s surreal.

This watch represents many things for me. It represents Mr. Bradley's vision. It represents

my mentor, Mr. Moore, and many of the leaders traveling around the world tirelessly

and selflessly to help us all. This represents the underdogs who've been counted out

and told 'It's not possible.' This represents my team of champions who have worked so hard for their next pin level and freedom. This symbolizes my family, who have been there to support me every step of the way. So each time that you see this watch upon my wrist,

know that this is not only for me, but this is for you. It's amazing the things that happen

when you not only just pray for them, but put in the work!"

4. Marcella Burge

"Firstly, I’d like to thank PlanNet Marketing; for the people I am now surrounded by. 

You cannot put a price on that. Receiving my Presidential ring was an incredible achievement. For me, it was truly the recognition of sleepless nights, endless days, belief in what was possible myself when others doubted me, and most of all an amazing team I’ve built alongside me, who I would not be here without. There is no ‘I’ in TEAM, and without their belief, trust in me, focus and determination, the huge success I have had in such a short space of time would not have been possible. For my team reading this, I owe it to you. 

This opportunity, and being a ring wearer, has allowed me to show that the corporate world is not the only way to get truly ‘wealthy’, as wealth within PlanNet Marketing is not dependent on past experience or age, but by work ethic and talent. For me, being a ring wearer has meant that I have been able to give not just myself the life of my dreams, but my partner and those around me too. My earnings level has given me so many choices in life, and given me a life most could only dream of.  For anyone reading this, I want you to know that SUCCESS lies within YOU. There is a Presidential ring available for you, you just need to believe you are worthy, and take continual action every single day to obtain it. 

Becoming a Presidential ring earner is something that I’ll always remember, but I know that the feeling will be 10 times better when each of my team members receive theirs.  

The world is changing, and the future is PLANNET."

5. Eileen Ross

"As a little girl growing up in Detroit, Michigan, I dreamed of one day being successful.

I watched my mother work two jobs, take care of two daughters by herself and

attend college at night to earn her degree. I had the most amazing role model, and she wanted me to know that there was nothing I could not achieve with hard work and

a “never give up” attitude. At times, life tried to convince me that the wall was too high, my goals too lofty and opportunities were scarce for someone like me. I never dreamed in a million years that I would one day be earning the money I earn now, much less as an entrepreneur in network marketing! PlanNet Marketing has restored my belief in the phase

“The sky’s the limit” and at last, hard work with an amazing company truly does pay off! Receiving this Diamond Ring also fulfills another dream of mine – to be the evidence

and the testimony to share with the world that they, too, can live an unlimited life,

and I am here to serve! I am forever thankful!"

6. Greg & Carla Scott

"Several years ago, we realized that we needed an additional source of income to complement our full-time careers in preparation for retirement. We also didn’t want to

find ourselves having to downgrade the lifestyle that we worked so hard to create due to a

lack of income because of retirement. We wanted to be able to continue to create the future that we knew that we desired, but even more the future that we deserved. One of our goals early in our marriage was to position ourselves to retire by the age of 55. We were

driven by the desire to have financial freedom and time freedom.

When we got M.A.D. (Made A Decision) to join PlanNet Marketing, we knew that we had to approach this opportunity by 'Being All In!' We considered the timing of the opportunity and being in position with a company that we could assist with building from the ground up. When destiny meets purpose the creation of an unstoppable outcome is conceived! We are thankful for our visionary and founder, Donald Bradley and his wife Deborah Bradley for their unselfish labor to impact lives with wealth empowerment and entrepreneurship. We have gone from business partnership to being family. We are indebted to you for changing our lives. The company’s story has been nothing short of amazing so far. We are looking forward to the thousands of lives that we will be changing in the future together."

7. Erick & Dejoire Benson

"We are proof that ordinary people can earn extraordinary income, with D.L.C. (Dedication, Loyalty, and Commitment), to your TEAM, your goals and dreams, and to the company. When I gave up my 10-year career in Corporate America, over 21 years ago, to become the primary caregiver for our 22-year-old daughter, Déja, I never imagined that I would be able to earn a six figure income, part-time, from home! We have followed Mr. Bradley’s mantra, 'Make it, save it, and invest it.' It is a privilege to serve as the #12 Founder Directors in this amazing company and help our incredible TEAM, along the way. The Presidential Ruby ring is a symbol of honor that is helping us live our wildest dream…Financial Freedom!"

8. JP Watkins

“For 20 years to think you’re not good enough for a six figure income, it’s not breaking the glass ceiling, it’s shattering it! I was one who took the traditional route in getting my education and getting a job. I can not remember how many times I revised my resume or how many job interviews I’ve been on in my lifetime. I can’t count how many times

I was hired or how many times I was let go. But I clearly remember the day Mr. Bradley said

to me, 'Did you know you have entrepreneurial rights?' That was the day something

woke up in me to bet on me and hire myself. So wearing the Presidential Ruby ring doesn’t represent money to me, it represents a change of mindset. It represents the breaking of the generational chains of poverty and lack. When I wear it, I look down at my hand in gratitude, because for me it represents freedom."

9. Lucy Welch

"When people ask me how I achieved Directorship with PlanNet Marketing, three key words come to mind : disciplined, organized and most important of all consistency. Success isn’t something that happens overnight, and becoming a Director isn’t easy! It requires understanding that you may not see results for weeks, months, possibly even years,

yet you get the work done anyway, everyday, regardless! Because what happens then,

is all this compounds over time, to give you huge results, and a life of more

abundance than you ever thought imaginable! Keep pushing! It WILL come. 

Without my team, none of my Directorship achievements would be possible. Make your goal how many lives you can change, it’s a lot more rewarding knowing you’ve impacted 100+ people than one. Find your diamonds, find people with the same goals and work ethic as you! And remember, the only way you could fail, is if you give up! Trust the process.

If you’re confident everyday with the activities that are going to make you money, whilst supporting and being there for your team, FACT, you will reach Directorship and beyond!"

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